Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Loving the weather!!

July 9, 2007
Today I woke up at about 7 as I’m still re adjusting to American time and took a trip to the grocery store which we call the supermarket. I bought a packet of Oreos which I ate for breakfast, the first of many! Then at about 9 we went to the SRT warehouse where we went to a ropes course. It was so much fun, we started with a low ropes course and one of our team members were blind folded and we had to get him through the course without falling off, but we did it in the end. After we climbed the pamper pole which was so scary I was petrified at the top, but I made it! We had such a good team. It was then dinner and we had a cook out of burgers and hot dogs, it was so good, but the mustard tasted different than mustard in England. We then had a huge discussion about accents and one of the friends I made thought it would be funny to make fun of England, it was so funny! By this time it was about 5:30 so we headed back to the warehouse, I’m still well excited about the weather here, I might actually leave with a tan!


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