Wednesday, July 11, 2007


July 10, 2007
Today I woke up at about 7:30 and had eggo waffles and oreos for breakfast I think I have adapted well to the American lifestyle! Then we traveled to the warehouse where we had various workshops, I really enjoyed the seminar where we discussed what our ‘calling’ was. We talked about what we were good at and how we could use this for the future. After this we went to other workshops on dating and being single which were really interesting. At about 4pm we went to Eat n Park where I had a superburger. Our table spent the whole time playing tricks on each other, and I ended up with a line of pencil down my face! After Eat n Park we arrived back at the warehouse where we played board games, I’m still enjoying the hot weather! At about 9pm we headed out to cold stone (ice cream) which was really nice, we also went shopping in the mall for 10 minutes which was so much fun, I bought some shorts and a blue top. At this point I was pretty tired so went back to the house I’m staying at where surprisingly I went to bed at 3am! I think I need an early night tonight.

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